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How Much Space Do You Need?

Unit Sizes Unit Description

Small Units


5' X 5'

5' X 10'

Stores one closet or up to one room of furniture. Will fit the contents of a pickup truck, van, or 10' moving truck.

Medium Units


5' X 15'

10' X 10'

Stores one large room or up to three smaller rooms of furniture. Will fit the contents of a 10' - 16' moving truck.

Large Units


10' X 15'

10' X 20'

Stores three large rooms of furniture or up to one average-sized house. Will fit the contents of a 16'-26' moving truck. Will also store a car.

Extra Large Units


10' X 25'

10' X 30'

Stores an average sized house to a larger house and beyond. Will fit the contents of a 26' moving truck up to a 52' tractor trailer.


Outdoor Storage

Park your car, truck, trailer, RV, or boat in our fenced and gated area.


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Phone: 570-342-4201
Phone: (570) 342-4201
2727 Olyphant Ave, Scranton PA 18509
Address: 2727 Olyphant Ave
Scranton, PA 18509
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